Meet our Latched Team

At the heart of our mission are the co-founders, registered nurses whose visionary leadership has shaped a unique ecosystem of support for families from pregnancy through the early years of childhood. They have cultivated a team of dedicated professionals, each playing a pivotal role in nurturing the future of our communities.

Discover the invaluable role of a Family Support Specialist

A compassionate guide providing life- saving education, facilitating vital connections to essential resources, fostering meaningful bonds, and accompanying families from pregnancy through their child’s formative years up to age 3, ensuring a supported and fulfilling parenting journey. Our highly trained Family Support Specialists hold the following certifications:

  • Certified Childbirth Educator
  • Certified Car Seat Technician
  • Certified Safe Sleep Ambassador
  • Certified Breastfeeding Advocate
  • Application Assistance Navigator

Meet our Program Associates

The heartbeat of our organization. They lead our outreach efforts, ensuring families are seamlessly enrolled into the program and swiftly connected with essential services. As the first point of contact, they embody a warm and welcoming embrace, greeting families and setting the tone for a positive journey ahead.

Meet our Doulas

Your Allies in Birth and Postpartum Care. Our team specializes in providing personalized guidance, emotional support, and advocacy for your needs during childbirth and the early postpartum period. They are committed to educating and empowering you, ensuring your experience is both supported and celebrated.

Meet our Managers

The pillars of our organization. They oversee the successful implementation of our programs, making sure that each family receives personalized support and access to the services they need. As leaders of our team, they ensure that our operations run smoothly and efficiently, connecting families with vital resources quickly and effectively. Their leadership and compassion set the standard for excellence, creating a supportive and encouraging environment for both families and staff.

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